With the high demand to recycle material to save on the cost of importing stone etc Reeds offer services to do this on site and in situ. With our highly manoeuvrable tractor mounted crushers, we can crush all types of stone ranging from brick rubble to granite. This has been a highly popular option for farm tracks, drives, shared access horse paddocks/gallops and moto-cross tracks. This process involves the in-situ recycling of roads, tracks and paths. By utilising our specialist machinery we can transform a tired, potholed track into a new road capable of carrying today’s heavy traffic. We are also able to incorporate cement dust and other stabilising products to further enhance the road bearing capacities.

Step 1.

Crush the existing material with our tractor mounted crushers to a depth of 150mm. This breaks up the material to the correct granular size prior to grading. We can import extra material in to build up low points, poor drainage areas and so on.

Step 2.

Grading the material is the most vital aspect of the process, trimming the track/yard to put a camber on the material to allow better drainage therefore increasing the durability and life of the track. Either a single or dual amber can be created with our hydraulic 3 way Fransgard grader blades.

Step 3.

Compact the material using either a twin drum vibrating roller or tractor mounted whacker plates to leave a compacted surface.
Cement Stabilisation

For a more permanent solution, we offer a cement stabilisation process to create a 300mm cement bound material. Using the same equipment as above or the specialist Stehr Dust Free, we crush up to 300mm and incorporate a specific dosage of cement powder which is then mixed and MCV’s are monitored. (Cement fibres can be incorporated to give extra structural strength). After grading and compaction, we power float the material to leave a cambered, sealed surface. This solution has been used on haul roads, drives,construction sites, lorry yards, silage bays and car parks.
The crushers and graders are available to buy.

Reeds Head Office

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T: 01380 816516

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Heavy Duty Crushing and Forestry Clearance

Using our Bugnot heavy duty tractor mounted crushers, Reeds provide a fast and effective crushing/clearance solution to stony ground,
scrub land and horse gallops.
Reeds Construction and Engineering Heavy Duty Track Crushing
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