Reeds track stabilisation vehicle on track

Track Crushing & Cement Stabilisation

With the high demand to recycle material to save on the cost of importing stone and other materials, Reeds offers services to do this on site and in situ. Our highly manoeuvrable tractor mounted crushers cope with all types of stone, ranging from brick rubble to granite. This is a highly popular option for a range of purposes…

The cost saving is extreme. As a service we can come in and quickly crush the existing track to produce a uniform size of material to a defined depth. It is then reshaped and once fully compacted you will have a track that is smoother to drive, free draining of surface water that will give you a longer life span of your track.

Our specialist machinery will transform a tired, potholed track into a new road capable of carrying heavy traffic. We can also incorporate cement dust and other stabilising products to further enhance the road bearing capacities and will research your requirements prior to beginning work to guarantee  the best possible outcome.

Dan Knights, Site Manager

The Track Crushing Process Explained

STEP 1 : Crush the existing material with our tractor mounted crushers to a depth of 150mm. This breaks up the material to the correct granular size prior to grading. We can import extra material in to build up low points, poor drainage areas and so on.

STEP 2 : Grading the material is the most vital aspect of the process, trimming the track/yard to put a camber on the material to allow better drainage therefore increasing the durability and life of the track. Either a single or dual camber can be created with a range of grading blades.

STEP 3 : Compact the material using either a twin drum vibrating roller or tractor mounted whacker plates to leave a compacted surface.

“Dan Knight of the Reeds Stabilisation Division came across as knowledgeable, open and honest. As we proceeded with Reeds, this proved to be true. Our house was a German build and assembled and watertight in three days by a six-man German team. During the whole process of our project, the only other team to work to the same work ethic, professionalism and teamwork were the two men from Reeds who completed our track in three days and exceeded our expectations.

I can only highly recommend their work ethic and the thoughtfully finished product.”

Chris Whaley, Stockbridge.

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