Stehr Systems at Reeds

Reeds - Stehr Dealer of the Year 2020 with vehicle & trailer

Reeds is the UK dealer for German company Stehr. We have been working together for over 20 years and have built a strong and trusting relationship. Stehr produce very high quality machinery for the following markets…

  • Soil stabilisation
  • EX MIX soil mixer
  • Road and yard construction
  • Compaction technology
  • Precise construction and forestry grading machinery
  • Trench cutters
  • Manhole cutters

More About Stehr

Europa- Patent EP 2 891 750 B1

It was Jürgen Stehr who proved that it is only through the vibration forces, which are 100% vertically directed downwards, that huge energy savings and thus optimal energy efficiency can be achieved. As a result, these plate compactors mounted on wheel loaders are superior to all other compaction systems, even in sensitive areas of construction – especially within city roads with old structures – when it comes to compaction of the gravel and frost protection layers.

Vibration Test – Water

Stehr compaction systems are flexible in their application and adapt to many difficult compaction problems. In its extensive range, Stehr offers hydraulically driven compactor plates as single, double or triple vibratory plates for attachment to various carriers. The Stehr compaction plates do not have their own feed, but are pulled or pushed by the carrier. This means that the force generated by the two counter-rotating eccentric shafts is 100% vertically directed and thus completely available for compaction work, as can be seen on the water glass test, there are no vibrations in the immediate vicinity!