Steelwrist at Reeds

Steelwrist develop and manufacture tiltrotators, quick couplers and tools for excavators. Their advanced XControl system and ergonomic joysticks are market leading products and they are now a clear leader with this technology. More and more people are switching to Steelwrist, and at Reeds we specialist in supplying tiltrotators alongside other Steelwrist products.

Thanks to a focus on steel molded components, we offer compact Streewrist tiltrotators with low building height and low weight that gives you optimised digging geometry and the best fuel efficiency…

  • Cast steel in all major components for the best ratio strength to weight
  • The lowest building height
  • 45 ° tilt angle for greater flexibility – on all tiltrotators
  • Double acting tilt cylinders with check valve as option
  • Vertical tilt cylinders that allow digging in narrow trenches
  • Grease lubrication for longer life and possible to connect to your central lubrication system
  • Six channel swivel with high flow for a flexible use with your tiltrotator