GT-DK/DKH Leveller

See GT-DK/DKH Levellers Brochure
INCLUDES Leveller GT-250DK • Leveller GT-275DK • Leveller GT-300DK • Leveller GT-250DKH • Leveller GT-275DKH • Leveller GT-300DKH

Fransgård’s leveller with hydraulic blade adjustment of up to 230° and hydraulic side adjustment (extra equipment). The DKH version of the leveller also has hydraulic adjustment of the horizontal cutting angle of up to 20° to the right or left. As the only leveller on the market, the DK/DKH model has a robust slewing ring with replaceable wear discs. A robust grader for levelling, track and forestry grading and snow clearance. Can easily and quickly be fitted to tractors and wheel loaders. An easy, workable and professional grader, it has a reversible blade (serrated/ straight) or a heavy duty straight blade and is 3-way hydraulically adjusted

One or two side plates as required.