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Reeds are the UK importer for Stehr GmbH and have been working together for the past 10 years. Stehr, based in Germany combines the high quality of engineering products with Reeds leading the way in the soil stabilisation/roadway construction industry. Stehr have built up a brand name where their products are renowned for being innovative, effective, reliable and versatile.

SBF 24-6 Dust Free

This highly manoeuvrable integrated machine can incorporate and mix in situ different binders into the existing material/stone thus turning unusable or unsuitable native materials into usable fill. The machine is an integrated mixing and spreading system which solves a major problem out on site - ‘dust’. This saves on specialist dust control expenses. Stehr Dust Free can achieve a mixing depth of 400mm and crush with the 25mm tipped rock drum.
SBF 24 tractor mounted, single mixing drum

Driven directly off the PTO from the tractor. The SBF 24 can incorporate
binding/stabilising agents directly into the existing material with its 25mm rock crushing tips. Being tractor mounted they are far easier to transport and manoeuvrable and cost efficient than the self-propelled options. A range of cutting widths are available with a maximum mixing depth of 500mm.
SBS 3000 3 ton spreader box

Mounted on the 3 point linkage (front or rear) of any tractor. This box can
be filled via a pressurised silo or top filled via 0.8m² inspection hatch.
Material distributed by a hydraulically driven vane feeder which can be
adjusted via the spool control for accurate spreading. Can be used with a
range of binding agents. Small, manoeuvrable and highly efficient.
SBV240-2 Twin Compaction Plates

Producing 240kN of centrifugal force, the Stehr SBV240-2 plate compactor is the most powerful plate compactor on the market, achieving up to 0.5m depth of compaction with 100% of the vibration energy being vertically directed into the material. Especially developed for machines with high-flow hydraulic systems like skid steers and wheeled loaders, making the compaction plates ideal for material such as gravel, sand, stabilised material etc.The SBV240-2 plates boasts three to four times the performance at 1/3 the fuel efficiency of conventional
vibrating rollers.
Stehr SBF 24-6 Dust Free
Stehr SBF 24 tractor mounted, single mixing drum
Stehr SBS 3000 3 ton spreader box
Stehr SBV240-2 Twin Compaction Plates
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Stehr laser mini-grader with Trimble
Stehr Compaction Wheel SVR

The Stehr compaction wheel is the problem solver for different compaction processes. As more and better compaction results and shorter working hours are required, the Stehr packer helps to meet such requirements or exceed them. The compaction wheel is a purely mechanical device and therefore requires no special hydraulic connections or separate drive system.
It is mounted via the quick-change device or directly onto excavators, wheel loaders, tractors and caterpillars etc.
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Reeds Construction and Engineering Facebook
Latest Addition: Stehr Compaction Plates SBV 80 H3
Stehr compaction systems are flexible to use and adapt to many difficult compaction problems. The Stehr-compressor disks do not have a feed, but are towed or pushed by the carrier. This means that the force generated by the two counter-rotating eccentric shafts is directed vertical to 100%; this results in a much higher compression efficiency than conventional vibratory plates, and a lower risk of vibration affecting rails, footings and other areas of risk surrounding the working site.
See the comparison in the video above between the Stehr compactor plates and a conventional roller against a cup of water!
Stehr Compaction Control SCC

This plate compactor meter is included with all plates.

The electronic meter displays the compaction results  and frequency to the user in a simple way on a clear display. This can avoid unnecessary or too slow crossings, since the operator can always optimally adapt the driving speed of the compaction result, ensuring huge savings. There are fewer pollutants and CO sup2 generated.
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